Thoughts on the Japanese Nuclear Bombing of Hiroshima,

When historians talk about the American Attack on Pearl Harbor–

Wait a sec!  The Americans didn’t attack Pearl Harbor, any more than the Japanese bombed Hiroshima or the New Yorkers flew jet liners into the Twin Towers.

Most people would consider referring to important historical events in such a historically ignorant fashion a faux pas of the worst kind.  I am sure that the international consternation over our President’s  misstatement will pass quickly.

Misstatement?  He just painted the victims of the most infamous crimes in the history of mankind as the perpetrators. I know it’s okay, because he is a Democrat, and while Republicans are to be considered fools until proven brilliant, Democrats are heroes until proven incompetent.

I think we made a whole lot of progress toward finding the truth today, but then, I always knew he was an incompetent.

Polish death camps?  I am not Polish.  But I apologize to the people of a country whose greatest historical challenge is being sandwiched between Germany and Russia.  The Polish have had a hard-won fight for freedom.  They deserve better.

Remember that next time you hear about France’s Blitzkrieg Attack, or the Chinese destruction of Nanking.