Abortion and Infanticide: Why the progressives are correct on this one

Think carefully.

If I tell you that killing an unborn child the day before he is delivered is morally the same as killing the same newborn infant two days later, you would probably agree with that.  You should, because really they are morally equal.

So when a panel of progressive ethicists says exactly that, then lets stand up and applaud.  For once a finding we can all agree on!

What we probably do not agree on is what this means.

To me, it means that, since it is morally wrong to kill an infant, it is equally morally wrong to kill an unborn infant two days earlier.  This seems intuitively obvious to me.

This progressive think-tank has done more to answer the question:  “what is wrong with having an abortion” than all the arguments about when the fetus has fingers or toes or whatever combined.

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