Somebody tell the climatologist about Achimedes

Let me first apologize for not being interested enough in the presidential race to write about it.  Paul, the fiscal conservative wants the gold standard, legalized drugs, and to leave our allies in the middle east–Israel–to the dogs; all dumb ideas.  Rick is as fiscally conservative as G W Bush.  Romney may be slightly more fiscally conservative, but I do not trust he will roll back anything.  Gingrich is the one I trust to get the job done, but the social conservatives are not impressed with him.  Sort it out, but don’t expect me to cheer about it.

So what I can write about is the stupidity still pouring out of the global warming clueless.  Where to start!  Every conversation about global warming must start with the hockey stick graph.  This graph was created by now discredited climatologist Michael Mann, and implies that global warming was suddenly accelerating.  The graph is still defended today by scientific illiterates, even though its implications have long since been proven to be alarmist hyperbole.

The latest false claims of the church of global warming center around sea level.  It is a fact that sea level changes–the same way mountain ranges change in altitude.  If one wants to claim that sea level is rising, one must do better than take two measurements a decade apart.  There has been no compelling evidence that the changes in sea level over the past decade are significantly different than the changes in sea level in the decades preceding.  I would very much like to look at the data, but rather than making as much data as possible as readily available over the internet, there has been a move to make public access to sea level data more difficult.  A quick visit to the NOAA site is all you need in order to confirm this.

Let us suppose that the ice is melting, a claim that has been, at the very least greatly exaggerated.  The lion’s share of evidence for ice melting comes from the north pole.  When the reporters tell us about this, their very next line is inevitably about sea level rising.  This galls me on so many levels, but one point needs to be made clearly here:


This is because the ice on the northern ice cap is floating.  The displacement of a floating mass of ice is the same as the displacement of the water produced by melting that ice.  This is because displacement of floating objects is based on mass, and the mass of the water does not change when it melts.  In point of fact, the ice actually decreases in volume as it melts, but that decrease in volume will eventually be offset as the water temperature rises above 4C (40 Ferinheight).  2000 years ago, any Greek or Roman scholar would have easily understood this, based on the writings of Archimedes.

Of course, such fundamental truths do not seem to be a stumbling block for the politics of global warming.