Too big to fail

We really need to stick that phrase to Obama.

“too big to fail”

because this is what it means:  Small business does not matter at all, we only care about the big corporate fat-cats.

Let me break that down for you.

There are corporatist Republicans–you guys know who you are, you think big business should rule everyone and everything, damn the consequences.  I don’t like you guys, but you are a whole lot better than the socialist/communists, so I tolerate you.  Most Republicans are not corporatists.  Most of us believe in freedom, liberty and individuals.  Most of us are for small business, and big business is okay, because we do not hate people just for being successful.  Still, we really like small business and innovation.

Too big to fail says that big business gets advantages.  If small businesses come along and eat your lunch, it’s okay, big business, the American taxpayer will step in and help you out.  If your business is making cars or selling stock, or bank insurance, doesn’t matter, the American tax payer has deep pockets.

This is the Obama message.  If you are a rich corporate fat-cat, just relax–uncle Sam and uncle O are going to look out for you.

The right message is this:  too big to fail means too big.  If a business really is too big to fail, I mean seriously, if we cannot let that business die, then it needs to be cut in half right now.  Maybe in thirds, fourths, or fifths, just like they did to the Telephone companies, because if you hand a business failure insurance, you are asking them to fail.  Cut ’em apart and have ’em compete.  Cut ’em into small enough pieces that if one of the pieces fail, it does not destroy the economy.  Too big to fail means too big to exist. Who wants to be too big to fail now?

Talking to the hipster-doofus people occupying the parks is pointless.  Those people are out to lunch.  But there are plenty of independents out there that need to understand what too big to fail really means.  Lets tell them, and see if they still think Obama is the hero of the little guy.