Same Romney, Different Republicans

Mitt Romney is probably a great guy.  I have never met him, but I have known a fair number of Mormons who are successful businessmen and politicians, and I usually really like them.  Four years ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity to vote for a guy like Romney.  The polls say I am not alone–Romney was very popular with conservatives four years ago, but we just do not seem very excited about him now.

What happened?

Pundits have pointed out that Romney is still the same guy, he does well in the debates, no major gaffes, so what gives?  Why does he poll so badly now?

The answer is this:  four years ago, most of us were okay with the status quo.  The economy was okay, the stupid programs the liberals had forced on our businesses were taking their toll, but it was just a cost of doing business.  Really, we figured things would be fine if we let the libs have their couple extra percent of the economy every year, and we kept the total cost down.  Finish up those foreign wars and get back to business.

What we did not know was that the slow cancer of progressive policy had eaten so deeply into the structure of our union, and was about to cause major failures.  We did not predict that the seemingly minor sabotage of the housing market by Fanny and Freddy would damage our economy so badly.  Add to this that we n0w we have a new social entitlement known as Obamacare that will hasten our downfall if we cannot cut it out, and soon.

The prognosis is not good.  No major entitlement has ever been removed.  The Dems knew that when they passed this turkey, they knew it would be difficult or impossible to remove.  So not matter how bad Obamacare was revealed to be, they could fix it later, so long as it was shoved into law before it could be stopped.

Conservative voters today are not the conservative voters of four years ago.  We are no longer complacent to the disease that ails us, willing to live with it as a cost of doing business.  We want it rolled back, we demand it be removed.  We have been converted from those satisfied to keep the status quo into those who insist on action, and a new direction.

Mitt Romney has not changed.  He is still a great guy–but we no longer look at him the same way, because he just does not seem like an agent of change.  We desperately need an agent of change.