Democrats, responsibility, and the whining

Here is the scenario:

A child sits on the white couch, sipping sticky red soda from a bottle that is so big he can hardly hold it.  Every time he takes a sip, he spills soda on himself, the couch and the floor.  His mother walks into the room, and the first thing she does is go to secure the bottle of soda.

The child whines:  “no, mama, I was drinking that–you just clean up the spill”

This is the best description for what is happening in Wisconsin and in Washington.  The Republicans have just walked into the room, and the first order of business is to put a stop to the cause of the infantile spending behavior that characterizes government by Democrats.  In Wisconsin, that cause is legal advantages given to public unions, and the myriad ways they have corrupted the relationship of public employees with taxpayers.

Yet, even as Republicans move to secure a level playing field for taxpayers and citizens against the public unions, Democrats whine that Republicans  “used his state’s budget deficit as an excuse to attack collective-bargaining”–Neera Tanden; and “it’s simply false to argue that eliminating collective bargaining has really anything to do with the budget deficit”.  Another whines “rolling back worker’s bargaining rights by itself saves almost nothing”–Brian Beutler

Democrats understand that they have created a horrible mess, but being the disobedient children they are, they whine if the Republicans who have to clean up after them may do more than just clean up the immediate mess.