President Biden needs to step up

When the dust settled in our last presidential election, we as citizens had chosen Obama for president, and Biden for vice president.  In the absence of evidence that the presidential candidate met the constitutional requirements for the office, the office fell to Senator Biden.  Senator Biden was sworn in, but he mistakenly has failed to sign any of the legislation that the president should sign.

Let me state this clearly:  no valid legislation exists since the last thing signed by President Bush.  Not the Obama health care legislation or any of the rest of it.  I do not see how we can get the money back that has been spent, but, when a person fails to meet the constitutional requirements of an office, nothing that is done in exercising the powers of that office have any constitutional or legal validity.  Which means that the laws which could have been signed by the elected constitutionally valid president Biden did not become laws, since the were not signed by someone with a constitutional valid claim to the presidency within the one week that was required for them to become law.

These bills, including the health care bill must be considered as unsigned, and therefore vetoed by the president.  All of them should return to the house and senate for reconsideration, and may be passed again.

This is the consequence of having a constitution.  We live in a society of laws, and all of us are subject to these laws, even those who think the laws are for other people.  Senator Biden has so far failed to take his position as duly elected president, and until he does, all legislation will need to pass by a legislative super-majority or be vetoed by lack of the Biden presidential signature.