Crist's stacked PSC kills new Florida Nuclear Plant expansion

Soon to be ‘former‘ Gov Charlie Crist’s stacked PSC halts rejects $10 Billion in FPL projects and acts like its a good thing.   Chief among these crucial projects was the construction of two new units at the Turkey Point commercial Nuclear Power Plant, and calls it a “win” for the consumer.  I suppose building two Nuclear Power Plants that represent a Supertanker a day of oil we don’t have to import doesn’t help Floridians as much as all those Shovel Ready jobs from Obama’s Stimulus package:

Florida Power & Light has suspended work on an estimated $10 billion in projects — including the controversial expansion of Turkey Point nuclear plant – after state regulators rejected the utility’s proposed rate hike.

Gov. Charlie Crist said he doubts there will be layoffs and called the rate decision a “win for the consumer.”

Crist had opposed FPL’s rate hike and appointed two outsiders to the five-member commission last year after some critics said it was too “cozy” with utilities.

Since then, the commission rejected FPL’s proposal for a $1.5 billion natural gas pipeline, required the utility to beef up energy conservation goals and all but rejected the utilty’s base rate increase. When asked last year about investors’ concerns that Florida is moving away from a state that’s considered utility friendly, Crist shot back, “To one that’s people friendly?”