The White House not telling the truth?

Wow, is this possible? The “transparent” new obama administration not exactly being transparent..
During obama’s campaign, he spoke of his support for the single payer (government run) healthcare debacle. Apparently since the uprising & outspoken Americans who have enough of big government spending like a drunken sailor (no offense to sailors), Ms. Sibilis first said yesterday , the WH was not going to push the single payer system, but then today, we are told she “misspoke” and there is no change in their agenda.
Trojan horses and cookies are suspect in the administrations email fiasco, and then they try to blame a “third party”
It seems there has been little, if any truth in this “new” administration.
So, who do we believe?
Obama,Sibilis, the House or Senate?
I submit.. None of the above.
Present administration aside, how many people feel the government has been truthful?
How many feel the government has your best interests in mind?
Do you ever feel you are getting screwed with every paycheck?
Isn’t it time the citizens of this once great country regain our standing in the world?
We all need to educate ourselves. Read, read, read. Not the liberal left brainwashing garbage.
Start with our Constitution & Bill of Rights.
Read about our founders and what they stood for, learn what a real American should be.
Vote, vote & vote! Vote for the best candidate for our country & freedoms.
If they choose to not uphold their platform, vote them out !
Go to the town hall meetings.. Ask questions, with civility.
Don’t get crazy or you will only feed the left .
Civic duty, duty to God & Country.
Was it that bad 30 or 40 years ago?
I think not.