Senator Wu (D) the Tiger

Over the course of the past few weeks, I had heard and read that on Oct. 30, 2010 the staff of recently re-elected Democrat Senator Wu of Oregon had staged an intervention and confronted the Senator over their concerns regarding his mental health. Apparently Senator Wu had been behaving so erratically during the campaign that his staffers were fearful that it would jeopardize his 7th re-election. Senator Wu’s behavior  and refusal to get immediate help led to 6 of his 20 staff quitting shortly after the election, including his chief of staff, his communications director and his treasurer. 

I realize and recognize that mental health issues are serious and sensititive issues.  And I commend Senator Wu for seeking help. However belated it may have been. 

However, the specifics of his erratic behavior are slowly starting to come to light, in particular drinking, a violent temper, harrassing his staff and engaging in unpredictable behavior. As these truths and other revelations begin to emerge, it is clear Senator Wu should resign in light of his deplorable and most likely illegal behavior.

It is beyond inappropiate for Senator Wu to be sending a female staffer pictures of himself dressed up as a tiger at 1 am from his personal CONGRESSIONAL email account! Sending personal/non-government related emails from a government/congressional account is grounds for termination for any staffer on the Hill. So I fail to see why a Senator sending harassing emails from his congressional email account is not grounds for demanding his prompt resignation. 

Never mind how disturbing it is that Senator Wu wrote the harassing emails to the staffers as if they were from one of his daughters and son as if they had somehow managed to gain access to his email account. It is bad enough that Senator Wu is sending his staffers harassing emails. (Sadly harrassment is not unfrequent on Capitol Hill.) But for a Senator to frame and blame his own kids? That is a new low, even for a Democrat. 

This being said, I must admit that while I had heard the rumors, I was rather unprepared for the photo of Senator Wu in a tiger costume when I open the article on the UK Daily Mail website. Senator Wu’s re-election may be 6 years out, but that image is great for all sorts of media campaigns throughout those 6 years. it would be a shame if that photo isn’t used by his opponents.

In fact, the commercials almost write themselves. Does anyone else envision parodies of Tony the Tiger commercials? “Obamacare, Out of control Federal Deficits/Spending, Expanding Big Government, etc…. Senator Wu the Tiger says ‘They’re Great!'”