One year later, renewed tensions in Georgia

Looks like the border between Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Georgia is getting a little tense.

Russian troops allegedly moved the border markers 500 meters before moving them back (Radio Free Europe), and Georgia allegedly shelled a South Ossetian village (Russia Today). Meanwhile, Moscow is warning Georgia not to use force, while Saakashvili is saying he’s not going to (Xinhua).

Actually, looking through Google News it’s kind of interesting seeing which sources are supporting Georgia and which aren’t: you’ll notice that the overwhelming majority of the sources in the Russian media are taking the government’s position (which isn’t particularly odd, given that the overwhelming majority of Russian media outlets are, in one way or another, government-owned–Izvestia was the last independent national newspaper when it got bought in 2006, I think), while sources like Xinhua and Al Jazeera are writing from a more Georgia-centric perspective. Interesting times in the Caucauses.

I’ll try to translate one of the inevitable Izvestia articles on this topic after work today (although it’s still state-owned, it’s usually a little more critical than the other sources).