Zelaya denied landing permission in Honduras

Didn’t see a post about it yet.

Former president Zelaya was denied permission to land in Honduras earlier today.

Zelaya told the Venezuela-based news network Telesur that his jet was denied permission to land in Tegucigalpa, where military vehicles were arrayed on the runway. The aircraft was en route to San Salvador, the capital of neighboring El Salvador, after what Zelaya called a “fruitless” attempt to land.

At least one person was killed and eight wounded after security forces opened fire and used tear gas on protesters who ringed Tegucigalpa’s airport, said Hugo Orellana, a Red Cross director in Honduras. Protest leaders put the death toll at three.

After being denied permission to land in Honduras, Zelaya’s plane made a stop to refuel in Nicaragua’s capital, Managua.

During the stop, he met with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega — who is a leftist ally of both Zelaya and Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez — and told Telesur that his supporters had been trying to remove obstacles from the runway in Tegucigalpa when troops opened fire. “The people pulled back when fired upon,” he said.

Other highlights: the US and World Bank still have not restored aid. Leftist organizations such as the UN and the OAS remain opposed to the rule of law in Honduras. The EU has withdrawn its ambassadors (as a bloc, I guess?). Obama still thinks Zelaya should be restored. CNN is taking the party line with respect to how to present it (lumped in with all the illegal coups in Latin America’s past, Zelaya as the more legitimate president).

Nothing new, basically, except Honduras continues to stand firm for freedom. Stay with it, guys–some of us care.