Coming soon: the news from Russia

A Fishbreath Weekly Feature.

As some of my earlier posts indicate, I’m studying (among other things) the Russian language as one of my majors. Since it’s summer, and I’m here working a desk job to keep the money flowing in that I may continue to engage in said studies, I haven’t been spending too much time keeping up on my Russian grammar. A few nights ago it hit me that there’s an easy way to do so, while also providing some interesting reading for you folks–translating articles from the online Russian press.

There are two major, easily available sources: Pravda.ru and Izvestia. I’m not going to bother with Pravda.ru (the online version is entirely unaffiliated with the print Pravda, although they grew from the same organization) for the moment, since it is, in general tone (sensationalist, nationalistic, biased), a Russian version of Al Jazeera. For that reason I’ll be pulling the articles almost exclusively from Izvestia, which is at least somewhat more reputable as a legitimate news source, with an eye toward articles about the US, Obama, and other topics of interest to the community here.

Expect the first one tomorrow. I doubt if I’ll do more than one a week the first few times, but since the idea is to improve my Russian skills, hopefully I’ll be able to handle more before too long.

Do zavtra.