News numbers: George Tiller vs. Arkansas recruiter killings

George Tiller’s murder happened Sunday morning. On Monday morning at 10:30, two soldiers were shot (with one dead) outside a recruiting center in Arkansas by a man who’d converted to Islam while serving a prison sentence

As of now, 9:30am on Tuesday morning, 48ish hours have elapsed since Tiller’s death, and 23 since the shootings in Arkansas.

On Google News in the past month:
George Tiller: 7882 results, with ~5800 articles in the ‘all news articles’ links.

Recruiter shooting: 421 results, with ~800 articles in the ‘all news articles’ links (there was a link to ~5600 of the Tiller articles as well, due to some coverage of both events in the same article).

Divide Tiller’s results by two to get 3900/2900, and compare to 421/800. Tiller’s death is getting about three times as much media play as the killing in Arkansas. Why? Is the killing of a soldier by a Muslim extremist any less of a story than the killing of an abortionist by a pro-life extremist? The media would have you think so.