Students for a Democratic Society

Short version: they’re not just jerks at UNC.

Long version: it pains me to (yet again) have to comment on the colossal idiocy of so many of my fellow college-aged Americans, but here I am, hoping (with a sigh, as I realize the futility) that shining a light at them will somehow cure said idiocy. Unfortunately, all it normally does is make them go “skreeee!” and run away.

But I lose focus. The issue at hand is SDS. It would be bad enough if all they’d done was force a conservative speaker off of the UNC campus. It’s worse. Not only do they ‘occupy’ buildings, they have the gall to whine about it when a university with a little backbone treats them like the criminals they are (go NYU). They might get a little more respect out of me if they were willing to face the consequences of their actions (but probably not), but like the vast majority of liberals they’re nothing more than empty rhetoric when the chips are down. Looking through the archives of the campus newspaper here at the University of Rochester, I find that the reason I haven’t heard more about SDS before is first that they’re relatively new here, and second that the administration has folded faster than Superman on laundry day. Third, I find that the writers at the Campus Times ought to be thanking God (or failing that, President Obama) that I’m not a copy editor there.

I have two other points to make here. First: their demands are patently ridiculous. ‘Socially responsible investing’ seems to be a big issue for them, as does more affordable education. Mutually exclusive much? Socially responsible investing is code for less effective investing, and with the stock market doing how it is (and UR’s endowment doing likewise), the last thing we need is to be investing in some organic vegetable company that’s going to get shut down by the Democrats’ new regulations anyway.

Second, even though UR caved in this instance, I’m pretty sure it’s entirely within their rights to tell a group of students disrupting university business and making crazy demands to go screw themselves (like NYU did).