Frist pots!

To borrow a meme from Slashdot.

So! Hi there. I’m Jay, a sophomore at the University of Rochester in beautiful Rochester, New York, a Christian of non-denominational flavor, and somewhere between the classical Christian conservative and libertarian, and less alone than you’d think up here at what looks and feels much like your run-of-the-mill Northeastern college. I’m studying computer science and Russian, and things pertaining to the latter are of special interest to me (can you say ‘peregruzko/perezagruzko’?). Most of that are stories for another day.

Today’s story involves USA Today and not judging books by their covers, and can be summed up like this: since I started reading it (the only other free options on campus being the New York Times and the local Democrat and Chronicle), I’ve developed a growing respect for it, far beyond what its Fisher-Price-My-First-Newspaper looks would lead one to give off-hand. Don’t let the bright colors and stories without parts on four different pages lead you astray–the reporting is straightforward and factual, the stories quote conservatives in ways that aren’t misleading (mostly; like all major print media it leans a little left), and the editorial page contains things infuriating and agreeable in roughly equal quantities (it even has a section where they publish a counterpoint to views the editors themselves hold!). I’ll grant that it’s not perfect, but it’s in large part a centrist voice in a field dominated by bias to the left (or, in the case of Fox News, more to the right), and I think that’s a very valuable thing.

From last Friday’s editorial page: a comic from Steve Kelley of the Times-Picayune, whose portrayal of AIG is maybe a little leftist but whose portrayal of Congress got a big smile from me.