Bring Back Chivalry and Solve #YesAllWomen

Hypocrisy DefinitionWe are told by the Progressive Left that blanket statements are bad such as not all worshipers of Islam are violent as the 29 terrorists who killed Americans on 9/11 for example. We can’t say all democrats hate the military. We aren’t allowed to suggest that all ACLU lawsuits are aimed at undermining Christian rights in public environments. And we certainly aren’t allowed to suggest that there is any sort of war on Christianity by all of the Progressive left.

No, we can’t paint any group of people with a large brush populated with stereotypical bristles. That wouldn’t be fair.


All gun owners will murder your children. Anyone who wants our borders secured hates all immigrants. If you want budget cuts you want children to starve and old people to be kicked out into the streets. If you’re a Republican you’re in bed with Big Business and Big Oil. If you support Wall Street you’re greedy. If you are rich you hate poor people. If you don’t believe in Man Made Global Warming you’re an idiot. If you support the Tea Party you’re a racist. And, all Christians hate, well, everyone.

Modern Feminism teaches us that men should not hold the door open for women, call them ma’am, protect them, stand up for them when they arrive at a table, pull out the chair for them; or give a woman your seat in a crowded train, movie theater, or any other gathering. Men are not to compliment women if they look attractive, they are not to observe beauty when it is in a public space, nor are men to openly be desirous of an attractive women should they happen across one. In short, modern Feminism teaches us that men should not approach women with an air of Chivalry and admiration.

Should a modern man perform any of the aforementioned behavior previously defined as chivalrous modern Feminists would berate said man mercilessly. Men cannot win in this environment. If a modern man complements a woman on having a particularly attractive dress that day the modern Feminist responds, “Well what about yesterday? Was I ugly yesterday?” or “Don’t leer at me you pervert.” If a man holds the door to a building or vehicle open a modern Feminist might respond, “I can do it myself” or “Don’t you think I’m capable?” If a man stands up for a woman being mistreated the modern Feminist can respond, “I can take care of myself” or “I don’t need a man to take care of me.” If that same man does not compliment the woman on looking nice they are berated for not noticing. If the man doesn’t hold open the door men are told they are uncaring. If the man doesn’t stand up to protect the woman he is told he is a coward. Men cannot win, and herein lies the problem.

In days gone by if a man witnessed another man behaving in an unchivalrous, or ungentlemanly, manner he would usually either call out the later man for his behavior or stand up for the woman. This became a self-policing situation. No man wanted to be publicly shammed by another man so nearly all men avoided being, well, an ass; and if they didn’t avoid being an ass they had it kicked by another man thus stopping the situation before it became untenable.

Saddly, thanks to modern Feminism, men no longer self-police this situation because the Feminists make sure the offending man is pilloried loudly, publically, and viciously. Don’t believe me? Think back to what started the so-called War on Women.

It is a Presidential debate in 2012 and George Stephanopoulos asks a question that is not being debated in Congress, isn’t on any legislative agenda anywhere in the country, and isn’t even a news story until that moment. The question asked was whether or not Romney would like to overturn a US Supreme Court Ruling from 1965 concerning rights to privacy and how that bars states from banning contraception. This question is so far off the wall Team Romney hasn’t even considered preparing their candidate for it, and he blows it off as a “silly thing”. Ultimately, that question might have cost Romney the election but not likely. The point is that the press creates this meme that Republicans hate women and are “out to get them”. The truth is that Democrats are more likely to hold women down as the current White House demonstrates when they admonish Republicans for not paying women the same as men and in reality they NEVER HAVE and aren’t currently in the Obama administration.

I for one will teach my son how to be a gentleman. I will hold doors open for ladies. I will defer to a lady in the room. I will demonstrate for my son how a man should behave toward a lady both in public and in private. If I happen to mistake a common woman for a lady and she takes offense at my behavior I will apologize and explain I mistook her for a lady. I’ll then explain to my son why that is not what he is to seek in a wife. I will help my wife teach our daughter what to look for in a suitable young man, why it is important for her to revere these qualities in him. I will instill in her the reasons she should want a man who values these qualities.

You want women to feel safe? Don’t tell them all men are out to get them for starters. You want fair treatment for women? Stop declaring all men are misogynists when they treat a women with kindness. You want equal treatment/pay in the workplace? Stop declaring all men are sexist pigs when you wear a plunging neckline. You want violence against women to stop? Start allowing men to be men. Let us bring back chivalry and treat a lady as what she is; the most beautiful, wondrous, mysterious of all God’s creations to be marveled at, adored, and fought over. God made men competitive by nature. Let us fight for your affections again and you will see such a renaissance in the US as hasn’t been seen since, well the Renaissance. Bring back Chivalry yes, for all women.