Red State Uprising Questions #2: Of Judge Roberts, S.391, The Fight, Republicans, and The Nation

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the last question post and followed the requested guidelines.  A lot of good discussion and ideas were tossed about.  Much food for thought was had, at least by me and I appreciate the Arena of Ideas being put to such good use.

For this post, I am going to try throwing a few questions and observations out there.  In your responses below please preface your comment with the number to which you are referring so we can all keep track of which comments relate to which topics.  My thought process here is that if I post these one thread at a time there will be just too many of them to keep up with as I read.

As an ongoing reference for this series of posts, I’ll add links to the preceding discussions with the associated questions so those who come in the middle can see what they missed.  Thanks.

#1-P.21 The vote on S.391

Question-If the individual mandate truly is unconstitutional and Judge Roberts/the Supreme Court was wrong what do we do about it?  What CAN we do about it?

P.22 Republicans bail on the fight

Question-I know we beat this to death, but is the ballot box the ONLY way we can help them understand we want backbone and principles not compromise and concession?

#3-P.25 A quote from Erick’s book

“Many Republicans who have conservative instincts still put their party fist.  And that is where the relevance is– those more defined by their party put their party first and those more defined by their principles put their principles first. “

Conclusion-It is NOT Conservative to vote Republican in the general if the candidate is NOT Conservative.

#4-P. 26 The Nation

The nation cannot move toward freedom as long as the Republican Party remains controlled by big government statists who try to claim to be “big government conservatives.”

Question-What strategy can we devise to identify and call out those Republicans who have, as Erick puts it and I’m paraphrasing, conservative leanings but are not Conservative?  What that means is, someone who has conservative leanings will put the welfare of the Republican party ahead of conservative principles.  A true Conservative, capital ‘C’, stands on their conservative principles and does the right thing for the people and nation as a whole.

Four is enough.  That’s probably more than is necessary too, but those are the questions I got out of the few more pages I read.  Now, duke it out in the comments below….

Previous Threads and Their Questions

How do we handle primary and general elections? My position is we no longer support an Establishment Republican in a general election.  The second part of this posts question was if you disagree with my stance of not supporting the Establishment Republican in the general what ideas do you have that are alternatives NOT along the lines of, “Just support the R?”  The original discussion is found HERE.