Reading Erick's Book: Red State Uprising and I have a question

I received an autographed copy or Erick’s book for Christmas from a friend (thanks for the inscription Erick).  I am enjoying it very much and will post thoughts and questions as I read.

From page 18, third paragraph about half way down I find this, “A Republican Congress isn’t worth having if it is not going to be a conservative one, filled with men and women who believe in limited government, and who can say no to those who come to the federal government asking for more.

I have been saying for some time that I will no longer support the R in a general election if he/she is not conservative, and Erick’s sentiment from his book seems to bear this stance out.

My question is this in two parts: First, how do we deal with those election races where the conservative candidate is beaten out by Establishment tactics allowing an unacceptable Republican candidate, who is no different than their liberal opponent, in to the general election?  Do we protest vote third party?  Do we stay at home?  What?  Second, If you disagree with my position and are willing to vote for the Undocumented Democrat candidate just because he/she has an R after their name how do you A) align that with what Erick said in his book, and B) What is your alternative that is NOT “well we just vote for the R?”  If your response is to just vote for the R because we can’t let the Democrats win you might as well not post that answer.  I’ve had those conversations and I find then neither persuasive or constructive.  I’m looking for alternatives because the “Just vote for the R” camp has already lost me, irrevocably.

I am a Conservative.  I do not want to see government grow because I do not think they can solve ANY problem.  I want to see government shrink and get the Hell out of our way.  I am willing to stay and fight for the soul of the Republican party because I think the creation of a third party that appeals to the Right signs a permanent death warrant for Conservatives and Conservatism to guide the direction of our country.  I served in the United States Marine Corps and I love America too much to not stand and fight for her.  This is my current position but I am not filled with pride over it to the point that I will not listen to reasoned wisdom and alternatives that might offer better results.

Now, duke it out in the comments…