Is a military coup even possible?

“Duty, Honor, Country. Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be.”

In today’s world of counting coup via website views, click-trolling using inflammatory headlines can be found everywhere. Sound bites from politicians, celebrities, and public figures are routinely taken out of context to produce accurate verbiage but misleading intent. Websites, who will remain nameless, have done just this to create the image that US military commanders want to oust President Obama by military coup.

The source being misquoted is Pastor Rick Joyner in a web broadcast on September 30, 2013 you can view here. Pastor Joyner says the following at the 7:44 mark: “The system, is so broken, so undermined right now, the whole system, I believe the only hope is a military takeover, martial law….”


If you only heard that one quote, you could believe Pastor Joyner is advocating for a coup in the US. However, if you listen to the broadcast until just the 8:10 mark you hear the following “I’m not advocating this I’m just telling you what could happen.” Clearly he’s not calling for a coup. Less than thirty seconds later Pastor Joyner explains that he doesn’t want a coup at all.

It is interesting to note that these same websites who happily repeat an out-of-context quote from Pastor Joyner do not quote Boykin on the same subject. General Boykin, on the subject of a military ousting of President Obama in the same WND article said, “People I’ve spoken to would like to see the military ‘fulfill their constitutional duty and take out the president.’ Our Constitution puts a civilian in charge of the military and as a result a coup would not be constitutional. You’re not going to see a coup in the military.” Emphasis on those last two sentences are mine.Further, these questionable websites misquoting the broadcast draw in retired General William Boykin. General Boykin is drawn in because he has been openly critical of the Obama administration. In an article by WND, , Boykin is quoted as saying, “Over the past three years, it is unprecedented for the number of four-star generals to be relieved of duty, and not necessarily relieved for cause.”

Words are just words. How can a citizen of the Republic sleep easy with all this hype about a military coup? One word; Honor. This is a commodity in short supply outside the United States military family these days. The US military is the single greatest fighting body in the world today because of this one word. The men and women of the US military take their oath seriously, which says, among other things, “…I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States…” It also says, “…I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

That last part is important. According to the UCMJ Article 92, all members of the United States military are required to obey lawful orders. That same article works to define what a lawful order is, but in a nutshell it is any order given by a superior authority in good standing that does not conflict with the Constitution, US Law, standing lawful orders, or is issued by someone who does not poses the authority to issue that order. This is a loose definition of an unlawful order.

In respect and honor

How does this stop the United States military from forcibly taking President Obama out of office? Article II of the United States Constitution establishes the president as the Commander in Chief. Regardless of what your opinion is of our current sitting president, unless and until he is removed from command he is in charge. The honor of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines precludes them from doing anything against their commander, regardless of opinion. You may believe the president has no honor at all, but that is what makes our military better than him. They do have honor. Ultimately, they may not like what he’s doing, but they will stand with their honor intact and continue to obey all lawful orders issued by their commander.

Don’t like who’s in charge? Fine. A commander unfit for duty can be removed from office. In the case of the Commander in Chief that task resides with the Congress. The House of Representatives must impeach him, and the Senate then has to enforce that impeachment passing sentence removing him from office. A military coup would not be constitutional and thus a violation of the oath every service member takes upon entrance to the US military, and that just isn’t going to happen. Our military members are too honorable to stoop to extra-constitutional measures regardless of the consequences.

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