Democrat Hypocrisy for the Environment and Light Rail

President Obama and Baltimore Democrats are willing to endanger an endangered species for a light rail line a la THIS article from the Local section of CBS Baltimore.  How about letting us drill in Alaska for oil where only over-populated caribou roam?  No way, not for oil.  Perhaps if we found an endangered crustacean in the area we could get an expidited environmental study like THIS one.  Even though the Purple line construction will dig up, or dig close to, a hazardous waste landfill this isn’t an issue. Drilling in the middle of nowhere in Alaska is an environmental nightmare though.  Am I the only one who sees this hypocrisy?  How is this even considered in a world where the Washington DC Democrats won’t allow the Keystone Pipeline or drilling in Alaska for environmental reasons but Baltimore’s Purple Line is fast tracked?  This is why Conservatives won’t believe Progressives when they say ‘trust me’.