Sen. Ted Cruz' Press Release and Repeal of the ACA

Time, Talent, and Treasure (what I have left of it) I will pledge to any and all who help Senator Ted Cruz successfully repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare (see Ted Cruz’ Press Release HERE).  This is your Come to Jesus moment.  Whatever mistakes you’ve made in the past I will forgive if you do two things.

First, you must publicly, and firmly announce you’ve seen the error of your establishment ways and Ted Cruz has shown you the light.

Second, you must FIGHT and you must FOLLOW Ted Cruz’ lead without wavering or dissenting either privately or publicly.

If you do these two things all is forgiven.  I will vote for you.  I will volunteer for you.  I will donate as much as my budget will allow (yes, my household lives on a budget unlike Congress).

Understand this though, fail to rally around the American flag, currently held by Ted Cruz, and you are anathema to me.  If you waiver once joined with that flag you are cut off.  If you seek political advantage that runs counter to that flag I consider you to be my enemy and an enemy of the Republic.

I will have more respect for you if you oppose Senator Cruz than if you join with him only to break from him when the going gets tough.  Now, NOW is the time to demonstrate what your principles are.  NOW is the time to stand up for Conservative ideas.  NOW is the time to rally the troops and make a stand.  So, saddle up, strap it on, and warm up everything you’ve got.  America can no longer wait to ‘get’em next time’.  The time is now.  Fight to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Fight and you WILL win.