I am instituting my own term limits

As of right now, I am instituting my own term limits on Federal elected officials. As of this moment, any Senator who has served two terms will no longer have my support for a third term. As of this moment, any member of the House of Representatives who has held his or her position for four terms will also lose my support if they run for a fifth term in the House.

However, if a senator who has served well for two full terms decides to run for President, they are on the top of my list. Likewise, any member of the house who, having completed four terms decides to run for the Senate will be given favorable status in my book.

Any politician running for a third term in the Senate or a fifth term in the House will find me voting for whomever is their opposition in the primary. Period. Should they survive the primary and enter the general election I shall either vote third party or not at all. I will no longer allow career politicians to hold sway in my life if I can help it.

Our elected officials will not listen to the voices of the citizens. We must make this change on our own. Career politicians are the bane on our country and the reason establishment types are destroying the Republican party. This is a small step I can take, so I am taking it. I urge you to do the same.

Join us on Facebook at Term Limits: I Am A Single Issue Voter if you agree.

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