Chambliss breaking ranks again

I’ll make this quick and to the point. We should primary against Saxby Chambliss because when we really need him to stand up for conservative values he does not. He voted in favor of TARP (see here). I talked about his willingness to break ranks in 2010 to raise taxes then (see here). Now he is discarding his pledge to not raise taxes (see here).

Conservatism is not a cloak or robe you put on when convenient (i.e. election time). It is a way of life. We need representatives and senators who will stand up when times are tough and take a stand. Unfortunately, establishment Republicans are more interested in being in Washington than they are in the well-being of their constituents.

We almost removed Mr. Chambliss in his last election cycle due to his TARP vote. Please, do not let this additional instance of conservative hypocrisy go unpunished or we will get more establishment types who feel they can play the electorate for ignorant fools.