A prediction about Eric Holder and Barack Obama

Eric Holder only has to maintain his stone wall of Fast and Furious until after the election in November.  Regardless of what the documents he refuses to turn over contain Holder comes out ahead.  There are two possible outcomes to the election; Obama wins or Romney wins.  Regardless of the outcome of the election Holder can’t loose if he does whatever Barack Obama tells him to do, and here’s why.

If Obama wins the election Holder can either continue to stonewall.  In which case the Justice Department continues to refuse to prosecute him.  Done.  If Justice does prosecute him he drags things on for years and does little if any time at all until the end of Obama’s second term at which point Holder gets a pardon.  Done.

If Obama looses the election, Holder turns the documents over immediately and plays out the results but takes the fall.  Obama again pardon’s Holder at the end of his term.  Done.  In either case Holder gets a pardon as long as he does what he is told to do.  This puts the responsibility squarely on Barack Obama.  Why should he have responsibility at all?  For one, he has exerted executive privilege, which can only be done on documents he has been a party to or is involved in to some degree.

The very fact that Obama chose to help protect Holder on this means Obama himself has told us he is taking responsibility.  He is the leader and is covering one of his subordinates with his executive privilege.  If there was nothing in the documents Obama should have stayed out of it allowing it to take its course.  Now that he is involving himself he is taking ownership as something that happened on his watch.

Holder must hold out until after the election regardless of what is contained in the documents.  Holder is going to take the fall, or a concerted attempt will be made to pin it on him by the Democrats so Obama isn’t impugned.  Obama can pardon Holder, but he cannot pardon himself.  Eric Holder is going to become the Oliver North of the liberals though he is not nearly as honorable as Colonel North, in my opinion.

cross posted at www.firstchevalier.com