Are the New Axis of Evil War Games a Threat to US National Security

I am very concerned over what I am seeing occur in the middle east right now. Three events are coming together that should be on everyone’s radar. First, four nations America does not get along with are coming together for war games: China, Russia, Iran, and Syria. Next, the US is building up forces in the region. Last, border incursions are being committed from Egypt into Israel.

First, the war games in the Mediterranean conducted between China, Russia, Iran, and Syria.  All four nations will have substantial forces in, or off the coast of, Syria while that country is being accused of human rights violations against its own people. Russia is currently in a verbal argument with the US because we are arming the rebels and they are arming the government forces who are slaughtering the people.  This scenario sounds just like another one from forty-odd years ago, which occurred in the Republic of Vietnam.  However, that time we weren’t worried about an insane leader of a country who was pursuing nuclear weapons and espoused destroying another sovereign nation.  You can read the story from the Times of Israel here.

Second, border incursions into Israel are occurring from Egypt while that country is in the process of “electing” a pro-radical Islamic regime from the Muslim Brotherhood. Today the Times of Israel also reports elements identifying themselves as pro-al-Qaida took responsibility for the attacks. The Left and liberal media spun the meme about a democratic movement in Egypt while President Obama and his surrogates tried to explain how his administration was responsible for this movement.  Conservatives screamed from the rooftops that this was not the case and would only end in a greater threat in the region to both the US and Israel.  Now, that threat is materializing at perhaps the worst possible time.  A link to that story and video of the terrorists claiming credit can be found here.

Third, the US is sending over 13,000 troops back to Kuwait City in order to be able to respond to any situation in the region more effectively.   While the joint war games task force from the New Axis of Evil is reported to be around 90,000 strong we still have superior equipment.  This may not be as much of an advantage with the Chinese and Russians involved, but is still an advantage.  The problem this creates for us is one of logistics if Iran closes the Straights of Hormuz as they have threatened in the past.  Additionally, with the failure of the US State Department to keep strong ties with our allies abroad we may end up going it alone.  From the stand point of loosing a war our forces could be utterly destroyed in that region without ongoing support from our allies.  That might embolden other attacks not in the middle east, but across our porous borders here at home.  A link to this story from Apnews.myway.com can be found here.

These developments do not bode well for the stability of the region, our forces stationed there, our allies there, or US citizens across the world. I am fearful that with the four nations the US is at odds with in the process of practicing their ‘war games’ an incident that requires a US response will occur ‘by accident’. I will take it that there is no coincidence between forces in that region becoming emboldened to act while these war games are being conducted and those forces remaining in place for an “extended period of time”.  This development could have grave national security repercussions if they develop in a sideways manner.

Anyone who is not at least concerned by these events should be. We as members of the global community should be worried for the safety and security of that region. I don’t think I’m alarmist when I say that these developments present a grave threat to Israel, her people, and her very existence. We cannot sit by and fail to be vigilant to these developments. To ignore these developments is irresponsible, but I fear that is exactly what the current administration will do.

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