I can't wait for the Spring Thaw to get rid of the Snow (Olympia)

Congresswoman Snow you are not a Republican. Please stop calling yourself one and make the party switch official.

In an article today on Yahoo! (found here) Senator Snow laments the Senate not working together to solve problems in this quote,

“And so it becomes more divisive and I think ultimately has manifested itself in the Senate and an overall process that lends itself to dysfunction and political paralysis that doesn’t allow problems to be solved.”

Congresswoman Snow we do not want your solutions. We do not think the government IS a solution (to paraphrase The Gipper 10 second video found here). We believe people are the best solution to their own problems. I respect your freedom to believe what you want and to voice those opinions. But please do not be disingenuous with which party you stand with because as demonstrated by your voting actions you do not believe the majority of what Republicans believe, and you certainly do not believe what Conservatives believe.