Not what you'll do for me, but what you'll do for my country?

I’m currently in the ‘Undecided’ category on the Republican primary. In the days to come here are some questions I’d like to see answers to from the respective candidates. Following those questions are some suggestions I have for each candidate. But, before I continue there is one thing I would like to see from ALL the candidates and that is their participation on this forum. Not just them posting campaign speeches in the form of diary entries (that would be good) but their participation in responding to individual diarists here. Those responses would be very telling about how they truly think, what they really believe, and give us insight into the man behind the camera image (but it will never happen). Oh and don’t give me the ‘they’re too busy to read and post on Redstate’ line. Really? Those on here who hold down full time jobs, families, hobbies, et al aren’t? To sum up what I want initially, I’ll steal and modify a line from John F. Kennedy.

I don’t want to know what you’ll do for me. I want to know what you’ll do for my country?

Some rules about responses, gentlemen…First, Don’t give me platitudes or trite campaign answers. Conservatives can tell if it’s from the heart or if you’re mouthing what some consultant has fed you from a focus group. We’re smart like that and so are the independent voters you guys are all so worried about (don’t be or you’ll loose in my opinion). Second, these answers need to come from the candidate not some super PAC or other mouthpiece that would even present the appearance of plausible deniability, which is the tactic of someone eying a run to the center for the general election.

Now on with my questions and suggestions…

    Mitt Romney

First and foremost I want to hear from you how RomneyCare was a mistake. How you wouldn’t create RomenyCare again for Massachusetts. How you will not just allow a single bill in Congress to be proposed on repealing ObamaCare and if it fails claim you kept a campaign promise to ‘Repeal ObamaCare’. A failed attempt in Congress is not the same thing. Saying ‘well guys I tried’ isn’t going to cut it. We DON’T want a better version of nationalized healthcare. We want the government OUT of our lives and out of our way.

Second, I want to hear from your mouth the words, “I will not run to the center in a general election”. We conservatives like character. We watch voting record. I fully believe you can change your ideals. Heck, anyone breathing who doesn’t grow and change over the course of ten years is stagnating in my view. So, I can be convinced you’ve changed from your liberal Republican days to a conservative view but you have to disavow those liberal views not just ‘distance’ yourself.

    Rick Santorum

Full disclosure: I’m currently leaning toward voting for Rick Santorum in the Georgia primary in two weeks.

First, I want to hear how you will limit government, not grow it?

Second, I want to hear more on how some of your previous votes were wrong i.e. raising the minimum wage, voting against pay as you go, raising the debt limit, etc.

    Newt Gingrich

First, since character matters to conservatives Mr. Speaker I’d like to know how you can allow ‘what God has joined together let no man put asunder’ twice? I understand the second wife is considered to have been the ‘home wrecker’ but it takes two to tango so why was there an opportunity in the first place for the home to be wrecked? I will allow forgiveness and learning from mistakes but this is germane to how you will govern in my opinion. I can be swayed on this topic I just want to hear you sway me.

Second, you have some situations in the past that have you reaching across the isle (or the couch) to work with liberals. I want to know how you are going to defeat their ideas, not work with them on co-opting our ideas into implementing small portions of theirs? Again, I can be swayed and I am willing to allow for learning here but I don’t want a president (or congress for that matter) passing more laws. I want them repealing laws so business won’t be worried about the next tax on their revenues based on who they hire.

    Ron Paul

Representative Paul, I want first to hear how you will NOT run under a third party banner if you do not get the Republican nomination. I will not hear anything else you say until this is cleared up because I see it as a power play. We all know any third party run by a republican-like (you sir are not a Republican you are a Libertarian) candidate such as yourself or Trump will only guarantee another four years of Obama.

Second, I want to understand how pulling our troops out of the world allowing our enemies i.e. AL Quaeda, Taliban, Iran, et al to consolidate, fortify, and strengthen make the United States of America safer?

My suggestions for the candidates

    To all the candidates I say; Fight, but not each other. I want to hear how you are the guy for the job against Obama, not how bad the other guy is. America LOVES someone who will stand up and be counted. Demonstrate this by becoming aggressive for what you believe in. These current times are going to call for a strong president who isn’t afraid to walk the walk against enemies who are not just looking to defeat you in an election; they want your blood on the ground and by definition the American people’s blood flowing in the streets. How can you fight them if you can’t demonstrate a backbone in a simple presidential election (by comparison).

    Ignore the mainstream media. It astounds me how we lament the liberal bias in the mainstream media in this country then every Republican seems to take their queues from it including many conservatives. Don’t play their game and don’t be afraid to get in their face when you know they’re being false.

      Mitt Romney

    You have a good message. I don’t begrudge you your wealth. I’m happy you made your money and would like to be as wealthy as you some day. Stop being nice, specifically to Obama. Turn that attack add spirit you are pitting against the people you ostensibly will want to work with later against the opponents you need to attack, which are our enemies and the liberal ideas currently being passed as law in this land.

      Rick Santorum

    The overt public demonstration of your faith is beginning to feel very Pharisee-like. If it’s captured on camera in genuine fashion fine but just be yourself please. I say that because it hasn’t been captured like it is now until it started working for you in the polls. Also, Please keep going after both Obama and anyone who is untruthful. I’m tired of Republicans who just stand there and take it.

      Newt Gingrich

    Staying in it til the end is not a viable strategy or good for the party as a whole if you’re truly not in it. Please publicly announce you’re rethinking this. Also, please return to the campaign of ideas and attacks on Obama. That worked. It resonated. It is what we want to hear, not attacks on other Republicans, though do defend yourself. We are smart enough to know the difference between an attack ad and a offensive defense ad.

      Ron Paul

    I love how you tout the Constitution and wish more of our candidates would expound upon its virtues as you do. I think you need to tie everything in this campaign to either where it is constitutional or is not constitutional siting chapter and verse to back it up. Then you can continue to return the conversation to how judges have wrongfully misinterpreted the framers intent or how your ideas are founded in principle.

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