On the Republican Primary and what is wrong with the Legislative Branch

I was asked by a friend on Facebook to post my views on two topics. The current republican presidential primary, and the problems with the legislative branch of the federal government. While these items should be treated as two separate topics I will, for the sake of the request try to cover both here.

    The Republican Presidential Primary

I am currently, on the eve of the South Carolina debate, firmly in the Not-Romney camp. I think Gingrich had a fantastic showing in the last debate and that Santorum did well also. I also have NO intention of voting for Obama. That said, I am more concerned about the media narrative that it’s already over and decided because Romney has more money than anyone else.

Be warned that we allowed the media to select our candidate last go around in 2008 and we ended up being defeated by a first term congressman from Illinois with no record and only charisma on his side (oh and his willing accomplices in that same media who REFUSED to vet him properly sweeping all his peccadilloes under the rug).

The debate going on right now is just fine. I did like Gingrich’s high road approach early on, to which he has returned now. But I was troubled by his drift to the language of the liberal left when he attacked Romney on Bain Capital as well as the egregious errors used by his Superpac. He himself, as well as the other candidates, when referring to Romney’s own Superpac has said candidates do exert influence and control over what they present, so Gingrich et al do have culpability in the content of their ads. That said, while Newt has some issues that need to be addressed (like sitting on the couch with her highness Pelosi and supporting the idea of global warming to name a few). I do like how many good ideas he has, what he has accomplished in the past (to some degree) i.e. Contract With America, and how he isn’t afraid to take it to Obama.

Santorum, well I like much of what he says but I don’t know enough about his record and past. I do know he was defeated for reelection, but I don’t know the circumstances behind it or why. I REALLY like what he said at the last debate when he was asked about voting for No Child Left Behind. He admitted in an widely viewed public forum that it was wrong of him to vote for that legislation and he wished he hadn’t. This kind of candor and chutzpah is what is needed by our next president. This kind of willingness to say ‘I was wrong’ has been needed in Washington for a LONG time. On this one thing alone I am currently inclined to pull the lever for Santorum, but the primary isn’t to Georgia yet. We shall see.

    What is Wrong with the Legislative Branch of the American Federal Government

They currently have no regard for our founding documents, the founders intent of those documents, or the freedoms those documents guarantee to the people of this country. Establishment politicians need to be reigned in. Power to these individuals needs to be curtailed, not granted. As examples I give you the blatant disregard for procedure in the recent recess appointments made by our current president. I’d also through out the clear disregard for the private property i.e. the money we earn embodied in the confiscatory nature of the individual mandate in the health care legislation.

How about the NDAA that strips American citizens of their rights on accusations alone without due process? How about the double speak of the current president concerning US Government debt? It was convenient to accuse President Bush of being ‘…unpatriotic…’ for running up his debt with China, but when President Obama wants to spend TWICE what Bush spent in less than half the time, it’s okay (that’s not unconstitutional, just offensive on the face of it). How about the abridgment of free speech embodied in the SOPA and PIPA acts? How about saying jobs are his number one priority on the campaign trail (at taxpayer expense by the way) and then killing the Keystone Pipeline, which his own advisory board is pleading with him to enact? How about sending secret letters to our enemies to talk while they threaten to sink our carriers and kill our sailors?

What’s wrong with the legislative branch of the federal government? If you’re sitting at home and don’t think anything is wrong with the legislative branch of the federal government, just wait. They’ll be at your door soon enough to explain it to you in words you will understand, and when you begin screaming about how your freedoms are being infringed upon, the rest of us will only have the sad comfort of knowing at least we were right in decrying it when it started back in the campaign of 2008.
That’s my opinion. You are still free to express yours….for now.

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