Why the 'Anybody-but-Mitt' attitude is going to bring us....Mitt

I am firmly in the camp of ‘Anybody but Mitt’. However, my preferred candidate is not in the race so I am left squarely undecided. I am researching and listening to everyone in the field, yes everyone. I haven’t made up my mind yet, and won’t until the primary gets to Georgia. My concern is that we are all so apoplectic about NOT choosing Mitt Romney we cannot unit strongly enough behind any one candidate to beat him. This will mirror 2008 giving us a squishy like McCain, which will hand the election to four more of Obama I fear.

I have been saying ‘I will NOT vote for Mitt Romney no matter what’. I am now squarely faced with the very real possibility of having to vote for a third party candidate, and I DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT. I realize a third party vote is all but assuring us of four more with Hoppey McChange the socialist clown. I do not want that, but I will NOT compromise my principals anymore and ‘hold my nose’ because either the media intelligentsia or the Establishment Republicans say ‘He’s the only one who can beat Obama’.

No he is not.

So, here is an open call to Mitt Romney (not his operatives or supporters) to explain why what he’s done in the past that wasn’t conservative won’t happen again?

Before you Mitt supporters post something like, ‘well that’s what he had to do to get elected in Massachusetts’ understand that is an answer that will drive me away. That is an answer from someone who has no convictions, principals, or moral standing who is going to stick a finger in the wind and run in the direction of the mob. My fear about Mitt Romney is he will tout all the right conservative catch-phrases during the primary and once he has secured the nomination he will break the sound barrier as he runs to the middle, which is where he will govern from.

To escape and repair the damage done these past three years (four by the time the next president is elected) we will need someone who believes, TRULY BELIEVES government isn’t the answer. We don’t need someone who thinks like Establishment Republicans that if only ‘We’ could do it ‘Our Way’ everything would be right. No, not at all.

We do not need more laws and regulations. To create jobs businesses need less. We do not need more handouts and entitlements. People need to be required to stand on their own or they won’t learn how to walk. We don’t need more Federal spending to get the economy going again. We need less debt looming over our heads to give us hope again. Ultimately it is that hope things will get better that will move people to action, taking risks again. We need the risk takers. We need them to look to the rewards worth risking for or they won’t. If you remove the prospect of failure, which is the downside of risk, you also remove the possibility of reward which is why the risk was taken in the first place.

So, my question is simple: Mr. Romney et al how do you propose to return the prospect of success and the hope of things worth being risked for to the American people?

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