The GOP aren't the ones dying on the hill

and the they’re making a mistake allowing the media to portray it that way.

The idea the Republicans are the ones ‘assaulting’ anything here is laughable.  The idea the Republicans are the cause of the problem here is ludicrous.  The idea the Republicans are ‘getting in the way’ of the solution is dishonest on the face of it.

The Democrats are the ones who’ve built the mountain of debt we have (with the help of Bush and his followers).  The Democrats proposed and shoved TARP down our throats offering it as a solution.  The Democrats are the ones who have no proposed bills and are saying NO to those bills put forward.

Remember the following things from the debt ceiling exchange…

Remember who voted for TARP and you will know who will vote for raising the ceiling, and indenturing future generations to the Federal government via taxes.

Remember the rhetoric of, ‘but we’ve gotta do something’, ‘doing something is better than nothing’, ‘if we don’t do this RIGHT NOW the world will end’, and ‘too big to fail’. then you’ll know how this will turn out.

But most of all, remember who said they were conservative when they ran for office but votes to raise the ceiling.  Then you will know who to vote for, and against, come the next election cycle.

That’s my opinion, I welcome yours…