Thank you for NOT supporting the CR

I started this diary with anger in my heart because only 50 Republicans voted against the continuing resolution passed yesterday.  I hate even typing that.

However, I am not speaking to those who forgot how forcefully Americans shouted last November.  I am speaking to the 50.

Great job.  Well done.  Stand firm. THANK YOU.

Please, you brave happy few, you band of brothers, have an influence on those mollycoddles around you.  Use your powers of persuasion to pull them into your band.  For that matter, if you’d like to demonstrate to them how much backing there is for your position post something here soliciting our input.  Then, after you have it, show it to your friends.

Now I am speaking to all the other elected officials in Congress.

I won’t say you have fully missed the point of November, but you’ve missed it enough to be ousted from office at the next opportunity in favor of someone who says or has demonstrated they do get it.  You had better craft and pass something that does what we the American people voted for in November.  Thanks.