No More Compromise of Principals for Victory

I refuse any longer to listen to, contribute to, or promote any person or cause that does not stick to the principals they espouse in public. Period.

Campaign conservative govern moderate, your out.

Tell me the reason you ‘reached across the isle’ is too complicated for my simple hoi polloi brain to handle, your gone.

Make closed door, smoke-filled room, or under the table deals because ‘it was the only way to get it done’, your done.

Take things out of important legislation designed to support the Constitution and my freedoms in the name of ‘we had to do something’, your through.

Compromise is a four letter word now, Exit.

For those of you who haven’t had your coffee yet, that was an imperative, which is a verb that issues a command. The command is to you who compromise. The command is exit, i.e. Get Out. I no longer have any use for you, and I will vote accordingly.