Chambliss and Gang of Six are Obama Accomplices

Back in 2010 when the vote for TARP was coming up I was dialing senators on a regular basis imploring them not to vote for that bad idea or they would lose my vote. Chambliss ignored me and others then (one of many references found here). Many I pleaded with to not support him then ignored me because they insisted his conservative credentials were/are impeccable. Well, what I feared is happening once more. We’re in a crisis of herculean proportions with our spending and budget deficits, but some ‘conservatives’ still want to reach across the isle, and Saxby Chambliss is leading the way.

In a town hall meeting (being reported on by the Richmond Times-Dispatch here) held just last night in Richmond Virginia Saxby Chambliss and the Gang of Six, a bi-partisan group of Republican and Democrat senators, are taking the recommendations for the presidents fiscal commission to figure out which of those recommendations to put forward. In that town hall meeting Chambliss put forward, among other things, that small businesses giving up tax breaks would be something they would support.

Their plan will leave nothing off the table, the lawmakers told business community members at a Virginia Chamber of Commerce event. Spending would be slashed, defense spending cut and the tax breaks eliminated. Entitlement programs would also be cut, and gradually, the retirement age would be raised

The ‘Gang of Six’ consist of the following as listed on Politico Mark Warner (D VA), Saxby Chambliss (R GA), Tom Coburn (R OK), Kent Conrad (D ND), Mike Crapo (R ID), & Dick Durbin (D IL).

Unfortunately for Georgians just like with TARP, it looks like we’re going to be left holding the ‘Tax Bag’ again. What we need is true conservative leadership to step up and propose tax breaks just as Ronald Reagan did when he took office in 1981 following the disastrous Jimmy Carter years.

Have we learned nothing of how Democrats operate? When they have power they put forth the worst of freedom destroying legislation, and when they’re out they scream of ‘bipartisanship’. They wanted nothing to do with ‘reaching across the isle’ when Obama-care was being ‘discussed’. They wanted nothing to do with Republican ideas for two solid years, yet now as soon as we have the inkling of control to right our collective ship some in the Republican party cannot wait to run across the isle and embrace those who have put us in this horrible fiscal position in the first place.

The elections of November should indicate conservative values, both fiscal and social, are popular enough to win the electorial day. My assumption as one of the ‘unwashed hoi polloi’ is you are standing on your principals each and every vote. America is watching your principals on parade. Conservatives have a memory. We will remember come 2016 Senator Chambliss, and for those who don’t I can easily repost things here and elsewhere.