Beware the MSM Endorsed Candidate

It is becoming more and more apparent to me that the Main Stream Media has either selected the candidate they believe the Republicans should choose or have at least narrowed the field to their short list. I’m not going to name names or disparage anyone here because, frankly that’s the MSM’s job. What I will say here is that I would like to remind everyone how well we did against Hopey McChange in the last election whilst following the lead of the candidate that was all but crowned the Republican nominee almost a year before the actual primary.

I fervently request that each and every one of us investigate a candidate outside of the simple and easy to find sources of information i.e. the ones the MSM seems to guide the most. While this is usually the case for RS readers, please ask a simple question of those who would ask for you to endorse their Chosen One: “Where did you hear that?” If they’re answer is something you would consider the MSM, then kindly ask them to find an alternate source that is not the MSM.

In the 2012 election cycle I thought I was going to be backing a single individual, but thanks to the Presidential pole conducted on this very site I have become exposed to a much larger field of candidates I find appealing. As for me, my vote is in play and will be decided by the debates, issues raised, and statements made by the candidates. I would be suspicious and concerned about any hearsay aimed at stripping anyone candidate of his/her supporters. Heck, if you want to explore an interesting corollary to the idea that whoever the MSM likes is destined to fail, lets take a closer look at who they hate and vilify. Perhaps they do that because they’re concerned that person could actually defeat Hopey McChange? Now there’s a thought I like.