Hope and Change has become Regret of the Same

I haven’t posted in a while because, frankly, I’m tired of being told moderates are the way to go.  Yes, I have watched as conservatives ascend and rise all around, but they are mostly in primary races currently.  The Tea Party backed individuals are doing well and I have hope.  However, my hopes have been dashed far to often when the political machine begins to denigrate the truly conservative candidates I like because ‘they just can’t win’.

I’m through compromising my values just ‘to win’ because we don’t win.  We get RINO’s who are as bad as their opponents a la the current Georgia Gubernatorial race.  The only real way to tell who to vote for any more is to evaluate the candidate’s character.  Yes, character matters.  Honest, truthful people working to better their state and country are what are needed rather than stogy and stale political animals looking for a career.

Truth.  There’s an idea.  As my local pastor stated in his blog (which you can read all of here)…

A good servant leader has integrity and the desire to be truthful and open in dealings with others. The people of God must hold leaders and others accountable for the truth of what is said and done. From family members to your church leaders to those who aspire to other leadership positions in our land, set the standard of truth before us, and hold us accountable for our words and deeds. Get real, people! When we tolerate what God will not, our witness is disingenuous, and that may be the ultimate failure.”

That portion is at the end of a very good piece which is entitled ‘Seeking Truth’ but which I contend is full-on about the character of the people we hold in leadership all around us.

The ground looks fertile for a changing of the guard.  Things are ripe for those who seek to change the course of our country back to freedom and away from the precipice of socialism.  The question before us now is will those who mark this change deliver on the promise or be more of the same old establishment politicians rather than citizen-statesmen and women?