DC Politicians, did you learn anything from TARP, Porkulus, et al?

Do not, under any circumstances, lend your name to any of the upcoming liberal bills. Period.

Please note there is no ambiguity there, no wiggle room, no ‘except [insertyourpetprojecthere]’.

Do NOT reach across the isle. Do NOT compromise. Do NOT spend any more of my tax dollars on things not specifically, SPECIFICALLY in your constitutional job description.

The very idea some politicians feel they have to explain the things they’re doing either means they’re not doing what, constitutionally, they’re supposed to do.  OR, the vaunted public school system failed to educate their audience enough concerning that self-same constitution so as to understand what their elected representative is saying.  In either case the system has broken down and needs to be repaired.

I still remember those of you who voted for TARP and the stimulus debacle.  You will be held accountable by me when the time comes.  You will now stand up and be counted again.  Which tally sheet shall I put your name on?  The Electable Conservative list, or the Campaign Against RINO list?  You decide and reap what you sow.

That’s my opinion. We welcome yours…