Why we created the mainstream media bias

The mainstream media is only relevant if people talk about what they discuss.  They know if they put out inflammatory remarks we’ll pick it up, link to it, and talk about it.  There may be little we can do about this given it is a wise military commander who knows his enemy.

However, given PEBO’s (President Elect Barak Obama) successful use of the New Media during his campaign we may be seeing a shift away from traditional television information dispersal.

With the real shrinking of the print media as well as the potential resurgence of the Fairness Doctrine (which is anything but fair) we are in a time in which we are going to have to become tech savvy a la Erick’s wonderful tech post (which I encourage everyone on RS or who visits us to read here).  If we do not marginalize the MSM we will continue to have to deal with their distractions and in some cases their subversion of our cause as in their near unfettered admiration for John McCain during the primary then blatantly contradicting (sometimes even their own organizations) themselves about him.

We either let the MSM hand us John McCain or we failed to successfully get coherent information out to the voting populace concerning truly conservative candidates.  In either case I contend we have a leadership issue for being unable to combat the MSM or being incompetent concerning the selection of a viable candidate.

But make no mistake, I believe all these faults ultimate rest with us, the roots portion of the Grass Roots in the Republican party.  We, the average conservative member of the Republican party need to forcefully and loudly communicate our views with our republican leaders, at all levels.  To not do so is to be hypocritical on a level senator Kerry, who voted for the war before he voted against it, would be proud of.

That’s my opinion, we welcome yours (tagline courtesy of Snake Davis)