The difference between liberal activists and conservative activists

Liberal activists need a cause.  They cannot be content with achieving their stated goals.  Consequently, their stated goals are, usually unachievable so as to ensure the longevity of the cause.

Conservative activists do not need a cause.  They rally around an injustice they see and work to correct it.  Once the correction is made they return focus to their lives (read jobs).

Liberal Activists must be the center of attention.  If they are not, they must find the new cause de jour so as to gain the center of attention, or they fade away thus the MSM continue to shift focus to the new cause.

Conservative activists do not require the focus be on them but rather the issue at hand.  Usually centered around someone other than themselves who is the target of inequality or some other disparity of justice.

Liberal activists do not care how the ends are reached so long as the end goal is reached.  For the liberal activist how many people are hurt, damaged, injured, or slandered is immaterial so long as the lofty goal is ultimately attained.

Conservative activists have rules, obey rules, and expect rules to be enforced both on themselves and those they see as having oppressed someone for whom they are championing.

Lastly, liberal activists can be found via a protester job bank because, for many of them, it is just that, a J O B since they do not have an actual productive place in the work force.  They’ve found their niche and fill it holding any sign given them by their supervisor and chanting whatever slogan is assigned.

Conservative activists are actually doing their championing in their spare time after they’ve put in their forty to fifty hours on the job-site, tended to their children, done some house work, and made sure their spouse has had some face time.  For the conservative, activism is more of a hobby, though some have taken it to the level of a job and thus occupy places in the New Media at various levels.

In summation, Liberals are activists because they don’t know any better.  Conservatives are activists so things will get better.

That’s our opinion, we welcome yours (tag line courtesy of Snake Davis)…