Georgia House Republicans got it right on the auto bailout bill

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Kingston(R), Westmoreland(R), Price(R), Linder(R), Marshall(D), Deal(R), Broun(R), Gingrey(R)


Bishop(D), Johnson(D), Lewis(D), Barrow(D), Scott(D)

HR7321, the auto bailout passed by the House of Representatives yesterday (which can be found here http://clipsandcomment.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/1210autobill.pdf) is fraught with problems. I won’t get into a breakdown of the individual sections here, but restrictions are placed on any auto manufacturer who accepts funds from this to focus production on environmentally friendly vehicles, while at the same time passing on ‘excess production’ of SUV’s to govenrment agencies, it appears.

(b) PURPOSES.—The purposes of this Act are—

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1 (1) to immediately provide authority and facili2

ties to restore liquidity and stability to the domestic

3 automobile industry in the United States; and

4 (2) to ensure that such authority and such fa5

cilities are used in a manner that—

6 (A) results in a viable and competitive do7

mestic automobile industry that minimizes ad8

verse effects on the environment;

9 (B) enhances the ability and the capacity

10 of the domestic automobile industry to pursue

11 the timely and aggressive production of energy12

efficient advanced technology vehicles;

13 (C) preserves and promotes the jobs of

14 American workers employed directly by the do15

mestic automobile industry and in related in16


17 (D) safeguards the ability of the domestic

18 automobile industry to provide retirement and

19 health care benefits for the industry’s retirees

20 and their dependents; and

Further, there are absolutely no provisions to allow the automakers to renegotiate, or otherwise alter the union deals, which drove them into this position in the first place. The House passed this thing, let us hope the senate will not.