It's 'Merry Christmas', not Happy Holidays...

seasons greetings or anything else. This is the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. If you are offended by that, frankly, I don’t care. I’m tired of having to worry about if the most high holy season of my religion offends anyone. You’re offense offends me. You’re lack of tolerance toward my religious beliefs offends me.

The left tells us we do not include enough diverse opinions. They tell us we are intolerant of the views of others. They tell us we must accept divergent beliefs from our own. Then, in the same breath, they tell us Christians we are not allowed to be included in the public school programs, our open displays of holiday spirit are not tolerated in public places, and they will not teach their children to accept our beliefs BECAUSE they differ from their own.

To those of you who think a nativity cannot be displayed because I’m not being tolerant of others I submit my moral outrage at your own hypocrisy. Oh, and by the way, the constitution guarantees us a freedom OF religion, not a freedom from religion. By virtue of removing all religion you are, in my opinion, by default promoting the religion of atheism (which falls on the category of religious beliefs even though it denies any deity’s existence).

Oh, Merry Christmas to all, peace and good will toward men, and happy birthday Jesus.