Conservative call to action

Before John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate I didn’t know her. Even after we still only know what the MSM and the McCain handlers allowed us to see and hear. I think one of the flaws in McCain’s campaign was they didn’t allow Sarah to be herself. Part of that too was having to support the McCain platform and not contradict the presidential candidate on the ticket.

Now, she’s been introduced to the nation and the base. She fired up huge numbers of people to come out who, arguably, would have otherwise remained at home. I was one of these.

The failed McCain campaign had me sitting on the fence because the Republican leadership allowed the MSM to choose our candidate. The RNC is culpable as well deciding to back a moderate rather than a traditional conservative, such as Fred Thompson. Yes, you can make an argument about how Thompson ran his campaign, but that is not the point.

The point is, a campaign such as Thompson’s made me get involved. Let me say that another way so the significance has a better shot at sinking in. Before Thompson entered the campaign I had never actually gotten involved in a political figure’s efforts to win office. When Thompson entered the race, I did just that campaigning in South Carolina (I live in Georgia) where the MSM decided he had to win or he was out.

What does that have to do with Sarah Palin, Conservative ideals, and the Republican party? Simple. Sarah Palin is getting people fired up in much the same way. Many conservatives are not sitting around crying about a lost election, how horrible the country is going to be, etc due to having lost, though some are. I’ve decided to walk the walk since I’m talking the talk again. I was directed to a site, teamsarah.org, and I’ve joined. Agree with this site or don’t it’s up to you. The point is get moving somewhere, somehow.

Here is what I believe our plan of action should be for the next four years in broad general strokes…

2008-2009-Begin using the internet to research local and national candidates who support the Conservative agenda a la Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater et al.

2009-2010-Pick the House and Senate candidates you support and ACTUALLY SUPPORT them with something other than words and rhetoric. Everyone at Redstate knows what the country is going to do to itself over the course of the next two years with the Pelosi/Reid/Obama unholy alliance at the helm. If you want to actually have an impact on this, you must start now. Two months before the election is too late.

2010-2011-Pick and side with a candidate for president. Again, ACTUALLY SUPPORT that candidate. We may never really know how much impact ACORN actually had on the election, but we do know Obama collected more money under $250 per person than any other candidate in history (which in and of itself is a little suspicious, but that’s another post). Given the current state our economy is in, which arguably was a self fulfilling prophecy from the MSM (also a post for another time) along with the liberal congress ruining the banking industry, donating time might be easier than donating money.

2011-2012-Go Sarah! GO! Yes, we don’t know much about her, but we have four years to learn. We also have four years of trying to fend off the MSM and liberal attacks, which will be aimed at destroying one of the most energizing political figures the Republicans have seen since Ronnie Raygun came to town. No, I’m not suggesting Sarah Palin is Reagan returning as others have. We’ve just not seen enough substance from her yet to know if that’s real or not. Yes, what she’s said and done in her limited time on the political stage is headed in that direction, but it remains to be seen if she has the longevity to sustain it.

I submit Sarah Palin has the liberals, progressives, MSM, KOS kids, et al worried. In the coming months and days they’ll begin to ramp up their attacks to smear and discredit her more and more so we will not get energized by her. Regardless of if she’s a viable candidate or not, she gets people motivated. To steal a sports analogy, when Big Mo comes and sits down on your bench it can be a game-changer, IF you take advantage of it and use it. Palin’s effect on conservative politics is Big Mo for us. Lets take advantage of it, if for nothing else than to get people organized and staged for 2010 and 2012.

That’s my opinion, we welcome yours (tag line stolen from Snake Davis, with respect)….