President Bush Returns!

President Obama’s policies are failing miserably.  Nothing is working.  Stimulus is not stimulating; bailouts are not bailing out; mortgage mess is still a mess; toxic assets are still toxic; auto industry is in bankruptcy; taxpayer’s money is all spent; even the printing presses are getting exhausted. The Chinese are threatening they wont buy our Treasury Bills.  Unemployment is rising to unprecedented levels. People are losing Faith in the Hope and Change.  The Uighurs are cavorting in Bermuda’s blue ocean and the rest of the world is laughing at us.  

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men can’t figure out what to do.  “How are we going to trick the public into approving our takeover of 20% of America’s economy and say Health Care will save them money?  Nobody will believe us” despaired the Chief Advisor.  “What if we get Panetta to blame Cheney for future terrorism?” asked the fish head.  “No, that won’t do.  He always fights back, and wont let us get away with blaming him for anything” replied the terrorist. “What to do?  What to do?” wailed the press, waiting for orders.

The phone rang.  It was He Who Must Not Be Named. “Don’t any of you have a brain?  Do I have to give you money and also do your thinking for you?” he snarled.  “Tell that teleprompter to say that President Bush will return once a month for the next 8 years.  Then, you can blame him for everything that happens.”

First Amendment, Wm, B.S.M.