Health Care for Illegals – Check out which PR Trick President Obama is using to get us to agree to this disastrous plan

1.    He takes no responsibility for anything he does and blames President Bush for everything. Obama has spent trillions of our money, but it is all Bush’s fault that Obama did it.  He counts jobs that haven’t been lost as “saved”; but doesn’t credit Bush for terrorist acts that haven’t happened.

2.    Everything is a “crisis” and all laws he proposes must be passed instantly, without any scrutiny, without allowing any opposing point of view and without even reading the law in question. Because of the “crisis”, Congress passed billions in Stimulus Funds without reading the 1000 page bill, but Obama didn’t sign it for 4 more days.  And now, Health Care is a “crisis” too and he will give us a one sided presentation on ABC on Wednesday.

3.    He speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  For instance, he is a white to white people; he is a black to blacks; and now, after he is safely elected, he is a Moslem too!  He tells Israelis he will always look after them; but tells Palestinians they are entitled to a separate state and tells Iran it is ok to have nukes.

4.    If he pulls a rabbit out of a hat with his left hand; you should pay particular attention to what his right hand is doing.  For instance, when he asks you to look at Sarah Palin’s grandchild and sneer at it for being illegitimate (and not notice he is illegitimate too); you should check out the Billions of taxpayer funds he is giving to ACORN and its 275 affiliates; and the other billions he is giving to his various buddies;

5.    If anyone complains about his reckless use of our money, he calls us racists and hate mongers and plays the race card, reminding us he is black – What else does the constant reference to “his Historic Presidency” mean?

6.    He is truly the Mad Queen, and we are like Alice in Wonderland.  First he does things; then he vigorously denounces those same things.  First, he spent trillions; then he says he will balance the budget.  First, he gave Billions to GM which will now be owned by its Autoworkers’ Union; then he said we must “Pay as you Go.”  He said he didn’t want to run banks, but then ran them; didn’t want to run the auto industry, but is running them; and now, doesn’t want to run health care, but will run that too!

7.    He dictates to the press what they should tell us and what they should hide.  Rahm Emmanuel has regular private conversations with the mainstream media; which is broke and dependant on Obama and hopelessly unprofessional; so it conceals what he is really doing, and feeds us with all kinds of pap as though it were covering Hugo Chavez, Castro or Kim Jong-il.

First Amendment, Wm, B.S.M.