The Failed Domestic Policies of President Obama

The Failed Domestic Policies of President Obama 


President Obama will fail in virtually everything he attempts because he puts the protection of his supporters over that of industries he is bailing out. Obama has spent more of our money in 4 months than all previous Presidents combined, on TARP, P-PIP, TALF, Stimulus, Budget, etc. It is obvious he is sprinkling our money like confetti onto his various buddies.  But there is absolutely no “transparency” and nobody can find out where the rest of the Trillions have gone.  The public suspects our country is being driven into bankruptcy but is too intimidated, confused by the sheer volume of bailouts or tricked by the effusive praise of press, to speak up. 


President Obama’s standard operating procedure is to distract from what he is doing by sneering at conservatives, pointing fingers at George Bush or Sarah Palin’s daughter or mocking the Christian Right.  Obama’s supporters, mesmerized by the pretty face and silver tongue, laugh and jeer along with him, just like in ancient Roman times. And our so-called  “free” press (except for Fox and WSJ) acts as his Amen corner, echoing what he says and working with him to demonize his opponents. The press is broke and desperate for some kind of bailout too, so they never tell us what harm Obama is causing; but always sing his praises, as though covering Castro, Chavez or Kim Jong-Il.  Remember when Bill Clinton sent tingles up your legs?  And now, you are fed up with him?  That is because the press has stopped praising Clinton and switched to Obamania. 


Obama protects his supporters at all costs. Two US institutions and two foreign banks immediately siphoned off part of AIG’s $85 Billion bailout and recovered 100%; and AIG needed further bailouts. But secured creditors and bondholders of Chrysler & GM got nothing; while the UAW (which caused the bankruptcy) gets to own both Chrysler & GM together with Obama. Of 789 Chrysler franchisees being closed, 90% supported Republicans; but Democrat franchisees, even those performing poorly, will stay in business.  The President was enraged by AIG’s $163 million bonuses but not concerned about Freddie & Fannie’s $264 million bonuses. Without any restrictions whatsoever, he has given ACORN $2 Billion from TARP, $5 Billion from the Budget and more to run the Census; even though ACORN is under indictment for voter fraud in many states.  His AG Eric Holder just withdrew charges against ACORN-affiliated New Black Panthers who intimidated voters with batons and guns during the recent election.  ACORN (and its 275 affiliates) remains a non-profit supported by taxpayers, and is never audited by the IRS though virtually all of its work is for Democrats.  ACORN, of course, is where the President commenced his Community Agitator work and which provided him with the money, workers and votes that got him elected. 

President Obama’s various Bailouts aren’t working. He has failed to solve the mortgage mess.  ACORN members prevent foreclosure auctions by intimidating auctioneers. The WSJ reports that despite reductions in interest and even principal, redefault rates may reach nearly 75%.  1 in 8 homes are under water. P-PIP has gone Pfttt.  Toxic Assets are still toxic. Billions have been spent.  But the problem remains. 


Despite spending Billions, President Obama also failed to prevent Chrysler & GM from bankruptcy. There is a conflict between the UAW, (which requires big, high-profit cars and trucks to sustain its wages and benefits); and the Environmentalists, (who demand small, necessarily low-profit cars to comply with their CAFÉ standards). But Obama needs money and votes from both groups. The only possible “solution” Obama could devise is to give the UAW another $30 Billion, raise gasoline taxes; tax big cars out of existence; mandate the purchase of small cars; and cause us taxpayers to take on the legacy costs of the auto industry.  To conceal this, he will have to nationalize the health and pension plans of every single American. But the auto industry will never run at a true profit ever again. 

And Obama will also fail when he nationalizes health care.  There are three groups causing major problems with health care.  President Obama will never tackle, or even talk about, any of them, because he needs their money and their votes. 


First, America is providing health care to the entire world!! Illegal aliens constitute over 65% of patients in LA county emergency rooms and over 70% of the “anchor babies” born in border state hospitals; so virtually all Border States’ emergency rooms are going bankrupt.  Another group, completely unknown to native-born Americans, but very well known to foreign-born immigrants and citizens, are their parents, who come to America to get our Social Security and their extremely expensive elder health care via our Medicare or Medi-Cal programs.  They pay nothing.  We get to pay for all of it! (And we wonder why our Social Security and Medicare programs are running out of money!!)  Hospitals are not permitted to ask the legal status of any patient; but are required to provide the full panoply of health care to everyone; even heart by-pass surgery, recovery and rehabilitation. President Obama will never tackle this problem because almost 90% of Hispanics voted for him.  In fact, Obama is planning to legalize all the uncounted multi-millions of illegals living in this country, (and the many more millions who will flood here after he legalizes the first batch); and tax “the rich”, (meaning hardworking Americans), to pay for all of them. If anyone of us objects, he will indulge in his usual name-calling, calling us racists or hate-mongers. 


A second major problem for Health Care is the Trial Lawyers who cause the medical industry to incur huge costs in malpractice awards and in defensive medicine.  But Trial Lawyers provided President Obama with large donations and virtually 100% of their votes; so nothing will be done to cap malpractice and pain and suffering awards.  


The third major problem is the inevitable unionization of all health care workers, including doctors. Union leaders control enormous wealth. 13 of the top 20 donors in recent campaigns were unions, giving $336 Million to Democrats.  Of these 9 gave 95+%, and the rest 80+%, of their donations to Democrats. The State, County & Municipal Employees gave $40 million; NEA $30 million; SEIU $28 million; Teamsters $27 million; American Federation of Teachers $26 million and UAW $24 million.  President Obama loves unions.  They provide workers, money and votes for him; so he can never bring them under control. In fact, he is proposing Card Check Legislation, which will abolish secret ballots; and which will let unions unionize every business after they “talk” to workers in private and “persuade” (read intimidate) 50% of them to sign union cards.  


Union leaders have done untold harm to this country with their greed.  The Auto Industry is going bankrupt because of the UAW’s greed.  Imagine nearly 100,000 auto “workers” who are not working, but being paid 80-90% of their wages and accumulating full benefits!!  Inner City Public Schools are a disaster because of Teachers’ Unions.  Our kids are prisoners, unable to escape. Immediately Democrats took control, President Obama and Congress canceled the Opportunity Scholarship program that allowed DC kids to escape to private schools.  Surprised? –  94% of Teachers’ Union funds go to Democrats!  Cities and States are steadily going bankrupt because of public unions.  Whenever funds are low, services to the public are cut; but never a penny from public unions.  In California alone, the SEIU, which is a major Obama supporter, gets $5 million a month in dues from home health-care workers. When California tried to reduce the pay of these workers; President Obama ordered the Governor to re-instate the pay cuts or forfeit its Stimulus Funds. 


Imagine a health care system controlled by public unions.  Ever increasing costs, spurred by demands from unions for more wages and benefits and less work; and, of course, corresponding cuts in patient care.  A different doctor every time you visit, who drops his stethoscope and leaves when the clock strikes. Prescriptions that aren’t filled on time.  Rationing of health care like in England – a fixed number of breast cancer treatments and then, whether you are cured or not, you are done!! Incredibly long waiting lists like in Canada but doctors prohibited from taking on private patients.  Their Supreme Court finally said being on a waiting list doesn’t constitute getting treatment and granted the right to get private care.  But only the “rich” could afford that, assuming there will be any “rich” left after President Obama has done with them.  


President Obama has been completely reckless with our money. The President cannot possibly manage every industry in America and he should stop pretending they are all in “crisis” to justify spending billions of our dollars and acquiring all of them.  He has no business taking on Health Care, Cap & Trade, Card Check or anything else.  He has already taken responsibility for the mortgage problem, the auto industry and the financial system.  He should fix these, make them profitable and give us an accounting, before he wastes any more of our money. 


First Amendment, Wm., B.S.M.                                                                        Jun. 11, 09

The writer cannot be challenged because she holds the highest Degree awarded by President Obama, Yale, Harvard & Princeton: Woman, Brown-Skinned Minority.