News Flash: The Supreme Court has just been abolished!

News Flash:  The Supreme Court has been abolished!  President Obama has just created the Affirmative Action Court.  White folks need not apply! Minorities will trump Whites every time.   Only Extreme Leftists need apply.  Must agree to meet privately with the President to decide which cases to hear and how to rule.  Knowledge of the law and ability to render a correct opinion is immaterial!  Laws do not matter; feelings do.

Sonia Sotomeyor, who has been wrong 60% of the time; has been deemed eminently qualified, solely because she is a female and a Puerto Rican who will get the President the Latino vote.

Senator Chuck Schumer, who hates Christian Conservatives, scrutinizes every word written by brilliant men like John Roberts, Samuel Alito and Miguel Estrada, and denied confirmation to Miguel Estrada; will be leading the charge to confirm Sonia Sotomeyor.

First Amendment, Wm., B.S.M.                                     

The writer cannot be challenged because she holds the highest Degree awarded by President Obama, Yale, Harvard & Princeton: Woman, Brown-Skinned Minority.