The time is now.

At the outset let me state that I was against President(elect)Obama before I was for him,However;As caught up as I am in the new spirit of bi-partisanship I am putting my misgivings about Barack H.Obama to rest by calling on President Bush to request Congress to repeal the law prohibiting live persons from being depicted on U.S.currency and direct the Treasury Departments Bureau of Printing and Engraving to replace the portrait of Andrew Jackson on the Twenty dollar denomination bill with a portrait of our first African-American President, Barack H. Obama.America should not have to wait until President Obama is dead to honor his historic accomplishment.One might argue about on which bill President Obamas’ portrait might appear, but there can be no argument that his portrait should appear on a US currency note.Let us show our support for President(elect)Obama by joining together to get this done in the closing days the Bush administration.

Your thoughts?