Thank You Democrats

On this Saturday before the most divisive campaign in my memory comes to a conclusion,I would like to thank all democrats who cast their ballot for Sen.McCain and Gov. Palin.If you voted against your party this time around,it’s not because you are a traitor to the democrats but that you are a patriot to your nation.If you vote for John McCain it is because you, like we republicans, see that Sen.0bama poses a great danger to the traditional American way of life.It is not because you are against giving a fellow countryman a hand up but against giving people a hand-out that keeps them in poverty and does nothing to improve their long term lot in life.

You,like us are for the opportunity for every American and every other nationality who dreams of coming to America to seek freedom and prosperity and happiness through hard work,determination and responsibility,not through government redistribution programs.On Tuesday November 4th 2008 your ballot cast for Sen.McCain is a vote for the greatness that is America and a vote against a socialist agenda that will certainly delay an economic recovery by many years.I’ll be the first to admit that republicans spent taxpayer money like drunken sailors and deserved to lose majority of the congress in 2006.However this current congress has acted no better and has achieved none of the goals it promised voters.We have had our differences on many issues over the years from abortion to the war in Iraq.Where we differ is our strength, where we meet to deal with the issues and threats our nation face,is our virtue.We know that America is the greatest force for good and justice in a world that sometimes seems to have gone mad.I’m certain that Sen.0bama believes that America is a mean place that needs to be changed. I’m certain that the changes he wants to make will make America a less inviting place to live and a less rewarding place to work.On the old RedState I once wrote about the hijacking of the Democratic Party by the far left Liberals who seek not the preservation of the Republic, but Its destruction from within.I believe that the Republic’s destruction from within is the true change that Sen. 0bama represents.Far Left Liberals of the Bill Ayres bent know that their agenda would never be adopted by Americans at large if openly and honestly presented to the people,so they have sought out this stealth candidate to bring about the change they seek.Joe Biden promised us that Sen. 0bama would be tested by foriegn leaders to “test his mettle”,”to see what this guy is made of” but the Senator from Illinois has been tested,not by a dictator or a mullah but by a regular citizen from Ohio,and Senator 0bama FAILED that test by every measure.The hour is late and the stakes are high,no matter the outcome of Tuesday’s voting America must survive this attack against it’s core values;Life,Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.Thank You in advance for voting for John McCain.

I live in Ireland since 2006-a social democracy if ever there was one- but I remain and vote, American.