Macon, GA cop shoots 10-month-old puppy in the head, after being asked not to-- twice

Not all governmental evil comes out of Washington, D.C. Sometimes it’s as nearby as your local police department. This past Sunday, Anna “Chrissy” Music-Peed, of Macon, GA, found this out the hard way. The story from policestateusa.com:

On September 22, Anna “Chrissy” Music-Peed, of Macon, GA, drove to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department to request an officer come to and investigate a vehicle that had been brought to her property by an acquaintance, that both she and her roommate strongly suspected to have been stolen. Music told policestateusa.com that it was a Nissan Xterra from Virginia Beach, VA. As Music wrote in a blog post, “I will not have that influence around my family,” saying she was trying to do the right thing by making a report. The acquaintance was still on the property and Music had not let on that she had gone to talk to the police. Music wrote on that while she was providing officers with details of the stolen property, and the individual who had brought it over, she also explicitly told the police not to shoot her dogs. “The puppy may jump, we have been trying to get her out of that,” Music explained, stating that the dogs were friendly puppies. She said the officers laughed and told her not to worry about it. Unconvinced, she emphasized again: “PLEASE don’t shoot my dogs, they are my babies.” The officers asked her to stay at the station while units were sent to her home to obtain the property and arrest the individual who may have stolen it. Her dogs, Ammo and Half-Pint, and roommate, Kyle Sewall, age 22, waited at home. Sewall gave his account in an exclusive interview with policestateusa.com. “I was waiting on officers to arrive, Ammo needed to go the bathroom and she had been whimpering for 15 minutes. So I gave in and let her out,” said Sewall. “The person who had stolen the property was outside cleaning the stolen vehicle with a shop-vac and while I kept an eye on Ammo I was talking to him playing it cool.” He continued:

“About 5 minutes later is when the sheriffs pulled up, came flying in. Sgt Little was exiting the vehicle and as he was exiting I noticed he already had his sidearm trained on Ammo who was just sniffing around the ground wagging her tail. And then she looked up at him, did not growl, did not bark, and before I could say anything he fired his weapon. Shot her point blank in the head,” Sewall told policestateusa.com.

The good news, at least, is that the dog survived, after $800 (so far) worth of emergency veterinary surgery. The full story is at policestateusa.com– WARNING: EXPLICIT PICTURE OF WOUNDED DOG AT THIS LINK.
Sadly, this is not the first dog that this officer has shot; this owner was less fortunate– Sgt. Little shot and killed this dog a year ago.
Hat tip to reason.com, which collects far too many of this type of story at http://reason.com/tags/puppycide.

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