Romney and his supporters need to answer this, if he wants support from the Base

I keep seeing Romney supporters saying how we need to get behind and support Romney so we can defeat Obama in the general election. The problem I’m seeing is that pretty much it’s the only reason they’re giving, and while it’s a respectable reason, it’s not a motivating reason. Romney has spent the entire primary season burning his bridges with the Base, and it’s our fault we don’t want to swim the river to go support him? Do his supporters need reminding of the nasty ads that Romney and his PAC put out against such good men as Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum? What’s said is said; you cannot unring a bell.

My challenge to Mitt Romney and his supporters is this: Give us a reason to support him that isn’t “we have to get rid of Obama”. More specifically, the following:

Give us one reason to support Mitt Romney over Barack Obama that would not also apply to supporting Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama.

That shouldn’t be that hard, should it?